Top 5 Web Servers for Self-Hosting Under $2,500 You Can Buy Now

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As a small business owner, having control over your own web hosting instead of being at the mercy of shared hosting providers is extremely empowering. But buying and configuring your own server can also seem daunting. The good news is that with today’s plug-and-play server hardware and software options, self-hosting your website and applications is easier than ever.

In this article, we’ll look at 5 of the best web servers under $2,500 that you can buy right now on Amazon to start self-hosting. We’ll go over the key specs and features of each server, along with real customer reviews so you can make an informed decision. Keep reading to take control over your hosting and stop letting providers nickel and dime you!

#5 TrueNAS Mini XL+ Compact ZFS Storage Server with 8 + 1 Drive Bays, 32GB RA, Eight Core CPU, Dual 1/10 Gigabit Network (Diskless)

S. Crown: “The Right Choice. QNAP and Synology are going to push you hard and they’re going to look appealing, but in the end? This is the one you want. The quality, performance, security, lack of lock-in, and just…all of it, is so much better than anything you’re going to get from the other two.”Matthew P Fay: “A bit pricy, but a solid storage appliance. Arrived faster than expected, booting up the Mini XL+ went pretty smoothly.”

rogerh: “Not cheap but worth the price for the time saved and peace of mind. What you get for your money is a neatly presented relatively low (thermal) power server with plenty of capacity to run a home NAS using a TrueNAS operating system, and some useful other server functions either virtualised or as FreeBSD jails.”

Wookie: “Very Happy With This, Runs Hot, Missing/Improper Cables. FreeNAS/TrueNAS software that comes on this thing is not for beginners, but I found it easy to use as someone that knows how file sharing works. I found this unit to be about the same cost as similarly priced systems.”

The TrueNAS Mini XL+ is a powerful and expandable network attached storage (NAS) server perfect for self-hosting. It comes diskless so you can customize your storage, and has ample processing power with its 8-core Intel Atom CPU and 32GB of RAM. Reviewers praise TrueNAS for its performance, security, and flexibility compared to consumer NAS brands. Just be aware that the operating system has a learning curve for beginners.

#4 Supermicro SYS-E301-9D-8CN8TP Xeon D-2146NT 8-Core Networking Mini PC, 4X GbE, 2 x 10GBase-T, 2X 10G SFP+, IPMI

Machine arrived with a loose screw inside. Fixed that. Then the machine wouldn’t power up. Had to reseat the front panel connector. Now it’s stuck in a boot loop timing out with a BIOS error 92. Zero information in the manual and limited information on the Supermicro web site. Not impressed at all.Update – after making the remedial work required and changing out the memory, the server is now operating as expected so updating the review. Because of the poor initial out of box experience, I’m moving it to 3. I will be getting another unit now that I’ve tested this one.

This compact Supermicro server packs a punch with its 8-core Xeon processor and networking capabilities. However, the initial setup seems tricky according to this reviewer. They eventually got the server working properly after troubleshooting, but were frustrated by the lack of documentation. Just be prepared for some tweaking to get this one up and running.

#3 Supermicro SYS-5019D-4C-FN8TP Xeon D-2133IT Quad Core Front I/O Short Depth 1U Server, 2X SFP+, 2X 10GBase-T, 4X GbE LAN

This 1U rackmount server from Supermicro packs a quad-core Xeon processor and impressive networking capabilities into a short-depth form factor. With 10GbE, GbE, and IPMI remote management, it has the connectivity small businesses need for self-hosted environments. The compact size makes it easy to incorporate into your existing rack setup.

#2 SuperMicro SuperServer 5019D-FN8TP – Rack-Mountable – Xeon D-2146NT – 0 GB

Another 1U rackmount server from Supermicro, this time with a powerful 8-core Xeon processor. It comes diskless so you can customize the storage to your needs. Supermicro servers are known for their quality and performance. This would make a great option for self-hosting infrastructure.

#1 Supermicro SYS-E301-9D-8CN8TP Xeon D-2146NT 8-Core Networking Mini PC, 4X GbE, 2 x 10GBase-T, 2X 10G SFP+, IPMI

Our top pick for self-hosted web servers is this powerhouse from Supermicro. With its 8-core Xeon processor, 10GbE networking, and compact Mini PC form factor, it has all the muscle and connectivity needed for business workloads. The wide range of storage options makes it versatile for many use cases. For those looking to take their hosting into their own hands, this server checks all the boxes.

When evaluating servers for self-hosted infrastructure, keep in mind factors like processor cores, RAM, storage bays, networking capabilities, form factor, and remote management support. Many servers ship diskless, so factor in the cost of storage into your budget. And don’t forget to check with your ISP that your plan allows hosting servers, as limitations are common on residential connections.

Owning your own hardware and software instead of relying on shared hosting plans gives you greater control, customization, performance, and cost-efficiency as your site grows. But it also comes with greater responsibility for security, maintenance, and backups. For many small businesses though, the benefits outweigh the costs. Hopefully this overview gives you a better idea of your server options to start self-hosting today.